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What is this please


By Daff

emigrated from Yorkshire to Kent in April 2004, United Kingdom Gb

I have seen a shrub, that i would like, It has round orange flowers.
Thanks, Gail




It's buddleia globosa

21 Jun, 2009


there is a stunning specimen on one of our roundabouts. if only i could stop to get a cutting. I used to have B globosa many years ago.

21 Jun, 2009


Thank you Andrewr, I would never have thought of a buddlia, I was too busy looking at the flowers rather than the leaves.

Seaburngirl, we have a local park with at least 4 of these buddlias in, I was only down there yesterday, (Sun) think i'll have to go visit again this afternoon. : )

Thank you very much, Gail xxx

22 Jun, 2009


If you like this, you'll love Buddlaeia weyeriana 'Golden Glow'. Its a hybrid of globosa and davidii. When mine's in flower I'll upload a photo, hopefully when the butterflies are all over it.

22 Jun, 2009


You can grow B. globosa from seeds. We have one appear a fair distance from its parent plant. Sadly we will have to remove it as it is far too big for its chosen place.

22 Jun, 2009

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