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I have small 'fruit' growing on my potatoes?

Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom Gb

My Desiree potatoes have started growing fruit where the flowers were. I thought these were poisonous and am afraid I will have to get rid of the whole lot (Nooooo)
Can anyone help ?????



No Ian,
They are poisonous to eat, but won't harm the crop.
If you wish take them off and get rid of them, as they are taking goodness from the tubers in the ground. Your crop is ready to harvest.

22 Jun, 2009


they look like tomatoes as they are in the same plant family. as dr bob says they are poisonous so dont eat them. the actual potatoes wont be harmed.

22 Jun, 2009


Just a quick update,
I did as you both suggested and removed these 'fruit'. I also dug up a plant to see how they were going, They were delicious !!!! will they be alright if I leave them in the ground, to store, until I need them?

Many thanks..........Ian

26 Jun, 2009

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