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Do lilies normally take two years to reach their full size?

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These are some supposedly quite tall lily varieties, L 'Regale' and L 'African Queen' (both AGM plants), which I'd expected to attain five feet or so this year. In fact Regale has disappointingly got to just three feet and African Queen has reached only two feet or so. They are both budding and flowering well, but as you can see look very short. (The red one on the left is a complete mystery to me). If I were to keep these bulbs and grow them in pots again next year, say in some fresh compost, will they then (not including any side bulbs that may have developed) grow bigger and taller and more girthhful in the summer of 2010? Is this a normal thing for lilies to do? Some of my other lilies, which are flowering now in their second year, seem to have behaved in such a way. (This is a similar question to one I have asked before). ... Lovely perfume pouring out of the Regale right next to my door!




They could easily be a shorter variety.Regale lillies do get stronger over the years.

22 Jun, 2009


the main problem is they are in pots. use as big a pot as you can and then give them plenty of food, such as slow release pellets. I have some of them in the ground and they do, do than those in pots.

22 Jun, 2009


I bought them from a good mail order firm, which stated the size as five foot height when fully grown. The pots they are in Seaburngirl, are both 16" diameter, in john Innes compost. They are planted at a depth of about half the depth of the pot. Do you think this is likely to be too small a pot size for bulbs this size, and do you think the roots are experiencing a bit too much being cramped? Is that what my problem is? If so, then maybe I should have gone for some smaller varieties instead of these 'bigguns'. ... Mind you, they are still very nice, aren't they.

22 Jun, 2009


the pots seem big enough perhaps the bulbs were a bit dry when you got them. this will have slowed growth but if they are flowering ok then perhaps they will be better next year.

i'd still be temoted to put them out though.

23 Jun, 2009


No, the bulbs weren't at all dry when I got them. Knowing me, I probably soaked them a while first before planting them straight away. Since yesterday I've been thinking about the 'cramped roots idea'. I think it is probably what may have happened with some of them, but seems unlikely concerning others. Because my garden is little more than a patio (no beds), I am reliant on pots only for them. I reckon the best thing is to keep the same bulbs. Who knows? Maybe like you say they will do even better for me next year.

23 Jun, 2009

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