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about alium their seems to be a lot of different variety's

herts, United Kingdom Gb

we have seen them in a garden in kent they were like big lace like balls with various different shades what can you tell me about them



You might mean Allium christophii - check out the pictures on this site. Easy to grow.

22 Jun, 2009


ooh yes my next door enighbour has these they are beautiful like a planet of stars

would love these too

x x x

22 Jun, 2009


there are many species and varieties of allium. I have 3 purple ones that follow on from each other. A afflatuense, A purple sensation and the A cristophii. they are different heights too. there are large white ones too.
they are all easy to grow. i buy bulbs in the autumn and pot them in 3" pots in a gritty compost. i keep them in the unheated greenhouse and then plant them out in April/May. the leaves often turn yellow and die back before the flowers open. this is normal.

22 Jun, 2009


just seen the A cristophii on a special offer from a mail order catologue very tempting

will probably d this after my hols
got to get organisd
x x x

22 Jun, 2009


Not yet, though, Mookins. It's too early to plant them!

22 Jun, 2009



probably why they are on offer!!

can they be stored from summer?

xx x

23 Jun, 2009

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