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Why is there bright yellow dust on my tree's leaves?

East Midlands, United Kingdom Gb

It is in little patches underneath the leaves and there are small spots and holes in them.

On plant Salix caprea



Sounds like rust - there are sprays to treat it, but as it's a tree, you might not be able to reach it properly.
Check for insect infestation to see if you can find anything causing the holes.
You could try using a combined fungicide/pesticide, but make sure the label doesn't say you shouldn't use on Salix.

22 Jun, 2009


Thank you Bamboo. Can't see any insect/pests and the holes seem to be where the "rust" is. If it wasn't a problem it looks rather pretty as it is so vivid yellow. I can reach as it is in a very large pot.

22 Jun, 2009

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