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Tall Campanula


By Janey

Lincolnshire, England Eng

Does anyone know the name of this Campanula in my garden? I thought it may have been Chimney Bellflower, but not sure or Ladybells? What do you think?




Campanula latifolia

22 Jun, 2009


Ooh Janey it's pretty!

22 Jun, 2009


Well, that was quick, thanks Bamboo! It is nice isn't it Sid, especially when they've all opened. I do like the one you've just got too...super bells on that!

22 Jun, 2009


Just luck Janey - happened to log on just as you put the question up :-)

22 Jun, 2009


There must be lots of different types, its not the Brantwood, you don't think its Ladybells Bamboo?

22 Jun, 2009


Well I might, if I knew what Ladybells was! Could be C. latifolia "Gloaming" from the colour, though if the flowers are held on branching heads, it might be C. lactiflora, but I don't think it is.
I'm slightly puzzled as to why the advert on the right of your question is for Ugg boots - can't see the connection between them and your question for the life of me!

22 Jun, 2009


Ive had a look at the latifolia Bamboo and the bells are different and hang differently.....I've found a plant onthe internet called Adenophora or Ladybells and it resembles it mostly, the leaf too.......many thanks though....:o)

22 Jun, 2009


Crikey....don't know, theres and advert of Ebay on now!

22 Jun, 2009


It does seem a bit late for Campanula . Thanks for the name Adenophora, I shall look it up with great interest.

22 Jun, 2009


I think its Adenophora Confusa, Bamboo....certainly has confused us..Lol!

22 Jun, 2009


I don't know that I'm convinced - it seems adenophora flowers appear in "late summer" and it isn't too late for C. latifolia, they flower "midsummer". You reckon its late summer now? I suppose it could be.
Just checked out Google pic in the States - it looks like yours, but it's a month early - it usually flowers in late July/August; I'm still confusa!

22 Jun, 2009 only early Summer isn't it....the flowers on the latifolia were different and they grew straight out from the stem whereas these hang down....mucha confusa!!...:o)

23 Jun, 2009


i'd have gone for lactiflora. Adenaphora bullyana flowers july august apparently.

23 Jun, 2009


Mmmmm.......not the lactiflora or Milky Bellflower, it has a different growth habit.....the mystery deepens.....Lol!

23 Jun, 2009


Hi Janey, we had a very similar plant and wondered if you managed to identify yours for definite? Unfortunately, ours was lost last year but I have a good photo of it.

10 Jul, 2017


Hi, not for definite....could be chimney bellflower? What I do know is that it runs vigorously through my garden, enjoying popping up in the middle of other plants... I have a bee house above them on that wall now and the baby bees absolutely love it!
I have plenty of baby plants growing, if you would like some forwarding on to you let me know....

11 Jul, 2017


Campanula rapunculoides Miks, creeping bellflower and quite invasive...

11 Jul, 2017


Hi Janey, only just found your reply! Thanks for that. After saying I'd lost it, I found a couple of tiny scraps swamped by some ramsons that had gone haywire and managed to grow them on into big plants. Not totally convinced it is creeping bellflower - another possibility is C. latifolia "Misty Dawn". Not sure how to post a picture into this thread. We are also in Lincs, at Gautby. It looks quite different when grown in the shade compared to when in full sun.

6 May, 2020


Hello Miks, lovely to hear from you..

I spent a good 2 hours yesterday hoeing half of these out!
They've been everywhere in one side of the garden; easy to eradicate though.
Yes I think you're right...and Misty Dawn is the exact colour they are..:)) I can imagine in shade they are a lot deeper, though they do seem to like the bright sun here.

To post a photo, tap onto Your Options at the top and you find posting a photo included there.
A beautiful day here today, so gardening it is again....

7 May, 2020

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