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east lothian, United Kingdom Gb

I am moving to a new cottage and where the grass ends, there is a wild part with some trees and weeds then our outer fance. there is no fence between the grass and wild part. I have a 18 mth old daughter and would like it to become a nice adventure area for her. What is the best thing to do. I would like to it to stay wild maybe with some wild flowers but safe and free of nettles etc. any ideas. I don't have much gardening experience.
thanks xx




Hi, I know its tempting to want to rush in and change things straight away, we all do. But as long as the area is safe for your daughter I think I would bide my time and see what happens. What kind of wildlife come into that area? Badgers, foxes etc. You may decide to keep some chickens. Your daughter would love that I'm sure! What kind of plants are there in the winter and spring? You just need to give yourself time to look at it when you are there. It looks lovely. Good luck

23 Jun, 2009

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