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Sweet Peas Not So Sweet....


By Twm

South West Wales, United Kingdom Gb

Is Anyone having problems with sweet peas this year? Mine have just grown a little and decided to play dead! They've had plenty of water, fantastic soil - even glorious sunshine! But its as though they dont want the hassle of growing!!!



a few people have mentioned problems with their sweet peas, mine arent even sniffing at their canes just sat at the bottom looking glum. so Ive been reading about them from this website to try and get more info

hope it helps

x x x

23 Jun, 2009


It's all a mystery to me. My beans are rubbish - and worse on one side of the bed than the other. One potato plant - from a spud I left in by mistake last year - is enormous, the carefully nurtured seed potatoes are looking really tragic. But, I have to say, smugly, my sweetpeas are looking fantastic! Flowers just coming, with beautiful long straight stems. The plants are about 5 foot tall. I put them in a different place each year, with plenty of compost underneath. I do think sweetpeas seem to sit sulking at first, and then all of a sudden they perk up & then there's no stopping them. Good luck!

23 Jun, 2009


maybe thats the problems we have them TWM
maybe if we stop watching them they will shoot up hehe

x x x

24 Jun, 2009


haha, your probably right mookins! I will take a look on that website. I have to say though, they seem to be perking up a little the last few days.... fingers crossed!!!! xx

29 Jun, 2009


Funny you should say that I was checking mine AGAIN today tut tut I know, and they are looking good, even starting to climb

x x x

29 Jun, 2009

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