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How often do you have to water newly bought Box topiary shrubs


By Robbo8

United Kingdom Gb

I have newly bought 4 Box topiary Shrubs about 60cm tall in pots. Two are cylindrical and two go to a point at the top. They will be in garden planters in our porch so dont get any rain water and only a small amount of sun in the mornings



have found this link to a website that give great info on what you have

hope it helps

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23 Jun, 2009


Don't know if you've found the answer yet, but my advice would be to give them a thorough soak once a week (unless they're in a particularly hot spot, when you might have to do it more often for the summer) - by thorough soak, I mean till the compost's wet and water's running out of the bottom drainage holes. Bear in mind, though, that if you've let them dry out, water will pour out immediately you put it in, and you'll have to water about 3 times in the space of an hour to get it to "reinflate", or put a tray underneath and leave it sitting in that for an hour.

24 Jun, 2009

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