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Passionflower problem-leaves turning yellow and dropping.

Cornwall, United Kingdom Gb young passionflower is climbing quite nicely up the garden wall but recently, the leaves have started to turn yellow and drop off. What have I done wrong? They are always well watered and I've fed them once.Also some of the flower buds have withered before they bloomed ! help!

On plant Passiflora caerulea



I have read spider mites can suck on the leaves leaving the leaves like this or some mineral is lacking . I have also read that some passionfruit growers place the skin of a bananna into the pot of passion flowers as its high in potasium. I was advised by a passion flower grower on ebay its ok to feed them tomatoe feed.

24 Jun, 2009


I wondered about this for ages until today, when a gardening friend noticed holes in some of my passionflower flower buds. We opened it up to find loads of earwigs! There's a great post here about how to deal with them:

I hope it helps. Good luck!!

30 Aug, 2009


why are the leaves turning yellow and dropping off my passiflora

5 Sep, 2009

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