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What is eating my lettuce from the botom up

Suffolk, United Kingdom Gb

My lettuce are generally growing very well. Odd ones are beginning to die off and when I dig them up the root has been eaten away. I have not found the culpret and wonder if anyone can help identify what is doing the damage from the attached photo. Is it safe to plant other crops in the same soil without treating it?




this looks a bit like the dreaded vine weevil larvae. The first you know of them is when the plant keels over. Dig down and see whether you have white grubs in the compost. If so get rid of the plants and compost completely and start again! The vine weevil cannot fly. It likes nice soft soil for its grubs and will climb up into pots. I find watering with Provada vine weevil killer helps.

25 Jun, 2009

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