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HI all, its been a wee while since i wrote here, i hope someone can help. I have a small female dog, she pee`s on the grass regularly and yellowing patches have appeared, also these patches are surrounded with darker taller grass, its all been explained why this is happening my question is - Are there any additives i can give the dog to alter its urine potency ?




I have heard of something called dog rocks which I think you put in their drinking water.

23 Jun, 2009


hi Peedee65 i also had this problem with my boxer i tried everything but didnt solve problem he completely ruined garden had to put him into large pen so he cud runaround we ended up having to rotovate the whole garden i tried dog rocks as Louloubelle suggests but didnt work this is prob not wat u wanted to hear i hope something works out for u the things we do for our dogs lol

23 Jun, 2009


I think apart from pouring water on the areas she tiddles after each tiddle the only other think is to possibly try and train her to go in one area

x x x

23 Jun, 2009


i also had this problem and had to build an enclosure for him to run around in, unfortunately thoug hes getting rehomed as of friday because hes to big for our flat and my babby,good luck

23 Jun, 2009


Bitch urine always does this, as I'm sure you've been told. Not much you can do except what Mookins suggests, flush the area with water from the hose, or restrict her to one area (which she won't like at all, of course!) Maybe you could ask the vet if she knows of anything.

23 Jun, 2009


Thanks to all who offered a solution

24 Jun, 2009


I have the same problem old terrier weed on many of my plants at the edgeof my borders, killing them off, then he;'s decided to squat on the lawn for a change and it's covered in brown patches. I keep a watering can of water handy, but don't always see him.....I've come to the conclusion, there's not much else you can do.

24 Jun, 2009

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