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Brocoli flowering

South Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

My brocoli is flowering and not producing much....what am i doing wrong?



maybe just a case of patience,ours started small and have got to a average size now

23 Jun, 2009


once its flowered its to late for that head , cut the flowering bit off and the plant will put out a couple of side shoots with smaller heads on em pick them before the flowers open.

23 Jun, 2009


when you say its to late for that head does that mean you cant eat it after its flowered or something,also what about the purple sprouting brocolli? mine as little yellow flowers,i just thought it was the brocolli things growing

23 Jun, 2009


The broccoli is the head before it turns to flowers... before the flowers open you have broccoli. . . . . .. , once it flowers, I cut of the flower head and the plant will produce another couple of smaller heads but you need to pick and eat before the flowers open . .. . its a timing thing.

hope that makes sense?

23 Jun, 2009


thanks, just that the flowering heads are not that big and thought that i was doing something wrong.

24 Jun, 2009


What's happening is that your broccoli is flowering prematurely, which simply happens when it is put under stress by lack of water or feed. With broccoli you must give each plant adequate space, at least two feet around each plant, then water regularly and give a good nitrogen feed. If they dry out regularly they start to flower early and you won't get a decent head. The other thing that can happen is that cabbage root fly attacks the roots and this also causes them to produce a tiny 'head'. But you can eat them at any stage, even the yellow flowers (though they might not taste as good.)

24 Jun, 2009


thank you for info,would this count for the cauli's aswell?

24 Jun, 2009


thanks so much for the info, will be the spacing then as i have tried to maximise my space in my raised beds not realising how big they get...will know for next time

mrs melon x

25 Jun, 2009

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