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By Motinot

down, Ireland Ie

I have planted a few rows of carrotts for the first time ever...they are the little stubby round ones...I cant remember exactly when i planted the little plugs...maybe 5 weeks ago?...The foliage is about 6-8 inches will i know when to harvest them please???



i usually thin some out in july and then as they get bigger keep thinning out.
when you said you planted plugs did you buy them as plugs? i have always grown them from seed and been told that they dont transplant.

24 Jun, 2009


Hi Seaburngirl...yes i bought them as B&Q...i also bought a tray of peas....if they are not transplantable and i have transplanted them....what happens to the minute they are growing really strongly??

24 Jun, 2009


Hi, i have amsterdam forcing growing in a tub. the foliage is, like yours about eight inches high, and me and OH thought it was carrots for tea tonight! however when we pulled them out, they were really still thin, and not ready yet. Give them a while longer i think, maybe even another few weeks. you need loads of foliage before you pull them out. if not like previous poster says, thin them out, and you'll see the size of them. mine are little thin ones at the moment and i planted them from seed in april.

As for your peas, i also have peas from B&Q, i left them in the trays until i moved house- about 8 weeks! i transplanted mine 2 weeks ago and they were fine- i even have a pea pod or two on already. No worries, they could have done better if theyd gone in earlier but they are doing ok. i see no reason why yours couldnt do the same!

25 Jun, 2009


Thank you for your comment Starsinmycrown... I will leave them for another while and hope for the best...Thanks again...:>)

25 Jun, 2009

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