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Rotting courgettes


By Carrie

Why are the ends of my courgettes going rotten?

On plant Cucurbita pepo (Courgette)



Hi Carrie, I think this rotton weather is the problem, courgettes like well drained soil, warmth and sunny weather! My pumkins have done the same, I put them out early expecting a summer like last year, we have battled slugs and damp and they look decidedly sorry specimens. You could try some straw under them to lift them off the wet soil...we really need some sunshine!

20 Jul, 2007


Thanks for this, I thought that might be the answer! I agree, bring on the sunshine, please

24 Jul, 2007


I heard on one of the gardening programmes recently that the ends of courgettes can rot if they haven`t been pollinated- the chap sugessted you do the old trick of hand pollinating with a paintbrush.

2 Aug, 2007

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