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How to tend grapes?


By Chasbro

Kent, United Kingdom Gb

Our grapes form as a small bunch but dont grow bigger, yet the vine carries on growing. What should we be doing?



look on a professional grape vine site say for growing grapes for need to keep the vine small and spread out on wires so the plant doesnt need to use to much energy or water on the plant.its eaier to reach.the grapes are nearly all water so lots of it and not to much actual vine.theres more to it than that but thats the basics

24 Jun, 2009


Pinch out each shoot on which a bunch is growing after two leaves. Also stop any other new shoots and the leaders which develop once you have the number of bunches you want for the size of your vine. If you look at a French vine in a vineyard, you will see it is incredibly tightly restricted and pruned. In the garden you can let it take up more space, but unless you restrict it fairly drastically you will get all leaf and little or very small fruit.

25 Jun, 2009


sounds like what i said but better info

25 Jun, 2009

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