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By Treetop

West Midlands, United Kingdom Gb

Hi everyone, as some of you may know I have just moved home. The thing is the so called gardeners who look after the grounds outside have dug a hole and threw 2/3 even 4 shrubs/trees in the same hole, hence it looks a mess. In among these plants /shrubs is a Magnolia tree that could really do with being moved a 2 or 3 feet. My question is how easy would it be or dangerous (to the tree) to attempt to move it, are the roots very deep?
It is about 4" high at the moment.



I think you must mean 4ft not 4"? Depends how long they have been there and how big they all are as to whether you can separate one or have to dig up the whole lot?
If you do have a go wait till they are dormant and soak well to help ease them apart. You may need permission if you dont own 'the grounds'?

15 Sep, 2012


If it looks awful and you dont want to look at the poor planting in your new garden then if it was me I would go ahead and give it a go. It its only 4 feet tall then you might be OK.

15 Sep, 2012


I mite keep the one I like best and chop the others down.

15 Sep, 2012


Yes Drc I did mean 4ft. look i'm old and senile so stop picking on me LOL.
You are right though I would need permission, not that landlord gives a hoot. Mrs T & I have no intention of trying to make major changes out the front the garden we've inherited out the back is big enough. We would just like it to look a little more appeasing on the eye. We have already done a couple of things to tidy up the front, the neighbours have said how delighted they are that someone at last has shown an interest and with what we've achieved so far. I can assure you the grounds maintenance men don't have a clue. I'm sure they just pick off the streets at random.

Thanks for your comments boys & girls, I just might be brave enough and attempt to move it.

16 Sep, 2012


Your more than welcome.

16 Sep, 2012


Perhaps if you explain to your neighbours what you are hoping to achieve they may help?
If you do move it with out specific permission make sure you replant it straight away so as there can be no misunderstanding.

16 Sep, 2012


To be honest the landlords tend to turn a blind eye if they can see you are improving the place.

Asking the neighbours to muck in though is a definite no no. They all older than father time himself.
If or when I remove it, it will certainly be replanted straight away.

16 Sep, 2012


Well I wish you well, might be an idea to take a before and after photo just in case you need them. Most people do take kindly to improvements. Are you on a water meter? if you wait another month or so you will not have to water them so much after the move.

16 Sep, 2012


It's well worth seeing what's growing well in other people's. Gardens round you though as it will give you an idea what will do well in your garden.

17 Sep, 2012

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