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Can I plant Iris sibirica in my pond.

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I have a new pond and liner installed and as such the liner comes over the edge so no soil for marginals. Will it be OK to plant the Iris in a basket along with Aquatic compost and leave it on the edge so that the basket is just under the water line

On plant Iris sibirica



The simple answer is 'no' - iris sibirica is a marginal plant, not one for being planted under water. However, iris laevigata would relish this position. Also iris pseudoacorus, our native yellow flag iris but this is very vigorous and would need dividing every couple of years

25 Jun, 2009


OK. Thanks for your advice

26 Jun, 2009


Iris ensata would grow as well as long as it was not too deep.

26 Jun, 2009

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