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Pear tree fruiting but sending out long upright shoots . should I cut them off?


By Heldt

United Kingdom Gb

I think they are called water shoots . when should I remove them. the plants are now fruiting.



I would, as the energy in the tree is being diverted into the water shoots ( of course not totally ) which are serving no purpose what so ever as just to be there and growing. Nip them away now. For 2 reasons. 1. your tree will not only look better and 2. it's of more benefit for the your pear to use its resources for the fruiting. Yes ?

25 Jun, 2009


Water shoots are a tree's reaction to a hard pruning the previous winter. But if these are just long growths without a hard prune causing them, it is just the tree growing vigorously. In this case, wait till mid August and cut them back to two or three buds from the old growth - this will trigger the tree to form more fruit buds for next year

25 Jun, 2009

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