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Do Pea's crop more than once, if not can you re-use the grow bag after Pea's have finished


By Klc

Berkshire, United Kingdom Gb

My Pea's seem to have come to a full stop and only have pods on the stems - does this mean the end of my plants.
If so is it possible to re-use the grow bag for another vegetable???????



They may still produce a few flowers and therefore pea pods, but if you want to re use it then the best veg are one that require high nitrogen. Peas 'fix' nitrogen into the soil by there roots. The tiny nodules on the roots.
Brassicas usually follow legume crops because they need the nitrogen to be grow into big healthy green plants. Its probably best when peas have finished to chop them off, break up the soil and roots and try brassicas. Ive never grown B in grow bags so i cant say how well they will do

25 Jun, 2009

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