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Hi all i was wondering if anyone could tell me what to do that theyve flowered and the pods have dropped off, cheers for any help



I just cut mine right down. Some plants survive and flower the next year. If the pods have dropped onto the soil they readily self seed, so you should have some new plants growing for next year.

25 Jun, 2009


If you want millions & millions of foxgloves next year then just leave it to seed.,Otherwise dig it up and discard it as foxgloves are biennials or short lived perennials so probaly won't come back next year.
You could let some seed ripen and try sowing it yourself but the new flowers will probably not be the same as the ones you have now.

25 Jun, 2009


I always sprinkle the seed of fox gloves in corners of the garden.
You have to wait two years for them to flower but the ones I had this year were fantastic as the bees had cross pollinated with other foxgloves.

Some of the different colours of Foxgloves are on my photos.

25 Jun, 2009


thanks all, the seeds seem to have all dropped off already, so does this mean i can just cut right back, ive got purples and whites at the moment so does that mean ill get more variety

25 Jun, 2009


I'd say yes to both questions. You are likely to get a random selection although, over the years, they will tend to revert back to the native pink colour.

26 Jun, 2009

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