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Yellow Runner bean leaves

Dorset, United Kingdom Gb

A short time back someone asked why their runner bean leaves were looking yellow. I only glanced at the question,but mine are now looking a bit yellow. They are growing in a large container(little garden) I think the answer was about manure used not rotted enough, and needing to add something to the soil, but what I'm not sure. Help and thank you in anticipation.



Mine are growing in the veg plot (no manure) and were looking a bit yellow last weekend. I used Miracle Grow and they are now 'greening up' nicely. This feed has also helped the bay tree that I have growing in a pot. Sorry, I don't know what to add to unrotted manure. I hope they improve and give you a good crop.

25 Jun, 2009


Hi. Margaret,
I suggested using a high nitrogen spray feed, as broad leaved plants such as beans, will feed through the leaves (foliar feeding)
When your beans are all picked and the foliage has died down, cut the stems off at ground level but leave the roots in the ground. Runner beans develop nitrogen storage nodules on the roots ( if you pull one up later, you'll see what I mean) and will gradually release that nitrogen back into the soil.
The rotting process uses considerable amounts of Nitrogen, depriving the plants. That is one of the reasons why manure should always be well rotted before use.

25 Jun, 2009


The manure is not giving your runner beans Nitrogen Phosphates and potash plus trace elements in the right order. Water often and hope you will get some runner beans worth eating.

25 Jun, 2009


Many thanks for the answers, off to the garden centre tomorrow for some nitrogen spray. Will keep you all posted.

25 Jun, 2009

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