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unhappy camellia

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I had to move my camellia last year which up to that point had always been healthy and flowered, now its leaves are turning yellow and brown and dropping off. I didnt expect it to flower this year because of the move but it doesnt seem to be recovering at all, I bought it some food specific for camellias doesnt seemed to have helped either any other ideas really dont want to loose it was a lovely bush?



yellow is usually a magnesium defficiency but brown and dropping off usually means its dry, check the watering.

25 Jun, 2009


was the feed you gave it sequestrian? that's what they like that and ericacious soil hope it picks up for you they are lovely
mine is against a west facing wall because they don't like morning sun on buds

25 Jun, 2009


Step up the watering, soak it thoroughly, regularly. If it's been moved in the last year, and it was a good size, that will have stressed it and the root system may not have recovered sufficiently. I'm assuming it's in the soil, not in a pot, though the watering applies to both anyway

26 Jun, 2009

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