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Am I the only person who can't grow a Russian Vine?

Surrey, United Kingdom Gb

About 2 months ago I bought 4 Russian Vine plants. I had been warned that it was not a good idea and that they would simply take over the area in which they were planted. I really needed some screening so went ahead. One has just appeared over the top of the 6' fence panel - the others are still struggling. Is heavy clay soil the problem?



Althought they do grow a 'mile a minute', like most [plants they prefer decent free draining fertile soil that is well drained.
You could lift the struggling plants, dig a large hole out, add compost/and grit (grit if the soil is really clay) chop up the clay lumps and mix it all well,
Before back filling, fork deep holes and break up the clay at the base of the hole and sides other wise the water will collect in the clay lined hole!
Back fill hole and re plant the plant. Dont make the mix to rich or the plants roots wont venture form dug hole and will suffer in years.

25 Jun, 2009


Thanks Nicky, I'll dig up the one that is growing the least and do as you suggest.

25 Jun, 2009


do them all as they will all struggle and if you were to do one it should be the healthiest one as it is stressfull being moved especialy this time of year

26 Jun, 2009


Hi Ginellie,
Don't make the vines climb the fence, lay them down at the bottom, keep weed free. I know your fence is new and it may be the saliginum used to preserve the wood in the fence. The fumes may be getting into the young plants.

26 Jun, 2009


good thinking doc hope your good mate

26 Jun, 2009


Thanks everyone. It's the old fence at the back I'm trying to cover Bob, but I will make sure the area around is weed free and see if that helps.

27 Jun, 2009

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