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Cats digging the garden


By Kath31

United Kingdom Gb

Is there a plant that will deter cats from using my front garden as a litter tray?



I have the same problem.
I used a spray and a gel called get off, but they don,t work.
I covered most the the flowerbed with rocks between the plants so there would be no digging room but it did the toilet on top of a plant.
i,m going to try covering the area around the plants with netting to see if I can prevent the cats from walking on to the beds in the first place.

26 Jun, 2009


There is a plant called Coleus Canina or the Scaredy cat plant. It has a pong that cats dislike but is inoffensive to human noses. It does work. I believe it's available in the GoY garden centre. There is also somone on ebay offering them (under perennial plants)

26 Jun, 2009


I tried scaredy cat too, the cat only moved to another part of the flowerbed. You could use lots of these plants in the area though, may work.

26 Jun, 2009


You could try the catwatch cat scarer which is recommended by the RSPB. I have one and also a water gun which works well without being cruel.


26 Jun, 2009


you could try a dog or a triffid lol

26 Jun, 2009

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