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Where to buy particular seeds


By Pliny

United Kingdom Gb

i cant seem to locate seed for Papaver Pattys Plum. is this because they are only sold under license? As I want some large drifts of this plant, seed seems to be the most cost effective way.

On plant Papaver



I might be able to get you some seed of Patties Plum if you remind me in a month or so.

26 Jun, 2009


I think it is because it does not come true from seed and is propagated by root cuttings and division.

26 Jun, 2009


Well Pliny, As Owdboggy pointed out to me just recently..'pattys plum' does not come true form seed so they would not be available...I have tried everywhere to buy the plant, but no luck.:<(...'crocus' have them for sale, but dont ship here to northern ireland, so no luck there..maybe you could contact 'crocus' and order it.....depending on where you are, I think they will be back in the plant catalogues for autumn i shall try again....:>)

26 Jun, 2009

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