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Ive got a double mock orange which hasnt flowered for 2 years


By Trazza

United Kingdom Gb

Because it didnt flower in 2008 I checked in the book after how and when to prune yet I have still had no flowers this year - what am I doing wrong as it was fine in 2007 and 2006 - I live in Bham and there are 2 others in my village which look superp



Having looked up the pruning instructions, I assume you did it at the right time. The other thing that can make a huge difference is how much sun it gets - I find it flowers poorly if it doesn't get enough. Is it possible that surrounding shrubs, etc., have grown and cast more shade?
If you were in the south, I'd mention drought, but I've got a feeling you've been having rain up there fairly regularly. You could try giving it a shot of something like tomato food (just once!) mixed as it says on the bottle, watered round the roots, if you're desperate.
And presumably you've checked for infestation by either insects or fungus, scale, etc.

26 Jun, 2009

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