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What are these please ?


By Adrian

stroud glos, United Kingdom Gb

They are like a cross between a catapillar and a slug ? They are on my cherry and I want them gone. So can anyone enlighten me please ?




They look like Tortrix Moth caterpillars. They hatch in August/Sept. but remain hidden under egg scales until the following April/May. They become active in June and feed on leaves and flowers then pupate in cocoons on infested plants.
If possible cut out and burn caterpillars and any webbing you may find, or spray forcibly with a contact insecticide.

26 Jun, 2009


Last year my Cherry tree had something similar, I just picked and disposed the infected leaves and so far it looks healthy.

29 Jun, 2009


Oh No ... looks like it is infested again.

2 Jul, 2009


Oh noooo.... it is infested again.

2 Jul, 2009

How do I say thanks?

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