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i have received a paleonopsis as a gift (an orchid )and it is very beautiful but Ihave no idea how to care for it


By Peig

Ireland Ie

It is white no pink in itand tall and easily available in flower shops



Water it with rain water if possible. Don't let it sit in water or the roots will rot, and try not to get water on the leaves for the same reason. Let the pot dry out a bit between waterings; the roots will be green when wet and a pale blue when dry.

Keep it somewhere bright and humid, such as a bathroom, but out of direct sunlight,

When it finishes flowering, I find cutting the flower stalk off at the base is the best way to get it to flower again.

27 Jun, 2009


The other thing I'd add about phalaenopsis is that it's supposed to benefit from being in a clear pot as apparently some of the photosynthesis happens through the roots that stick out, not just the leaves.

27 Jun, 2009

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