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hi all
any info on were to purchase kaffir lilly bulbs would be most grateful , i live in north wales , i have tried the internet to no avail

kind regards doogied

On plant Schizostylis



If you type, Schizostylis coccinea , into the search box on this page, it gives several suppliers, or you can do the same on google, I,m sure it would come up with lots of suppliers, Derek.

16 Sep, 2012


I would go for growing plants rather than bulbs, especially this time of year when they are flowering.
A really worthwhile plant but they only come in shades of pink (almost white) through to brick red. I don't understand why they are not more widely available.

16 Sep, 2012


I showed some here on a blog last week, they can be invasive, we tried to take a lot of ours out, but the few remaining have spread again, even where they werent before! like them though.

16 Sep, 2012


Try Aber Conwy Nursery in Conwy (Keith Lever) I am sure he has some. Or go on to The Wirral to Gordale, they definitwly have them.

16 Sep, 2012


I have Schizostylis coccinea 'Fenland Daybreak' and love them
I see the RHS on line plant shop sell them and also my GC has lots.

16 Sep, 2012


Burncoose nurseries have 6 varieties, i have 3 red {major} doing really well flowering now in their 2nd year. ;)

17 Sep, 2012


I will also have a look at these thanks Windy.

18 Sep, 2012

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