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a shredder suitable for leafy shrubs. mine keeps clogging on leaves of camelia,choisa



My neighbour bought one last year because her old one kept on clogging up and was noisy too. She bought a Bosch AXT 2200HP and is delighted with it . Then another friend bought one on her recommendation and he too says it is excellent. And quiet too. I think there may be others similar but the one with the HP on the end is the best.

27 Jun, 2009


i have a 10yr old bosch and i find that if i feed leafy ends first or last they clog so i now put shoots in in an even mix of leafy first& last and then i find no problems. the woody stems help shred the soft leaf and prevents clogging. cheaper than a new machine. :o)

welcome to GoY too

27 Jun, 2009


The Bosch I have works on an Archimedes type screw rather than a rotating set of cutters. It works well enough on most things, but too much soft material does clog it.
Also, try spraying the inside of the cutting area with WD40 before use, it makes the sides slippy and does not harm the material.

27 Jun, 2009


I gave up on shredders as they always clogged up! (And they are noisy things which use lots of electricity!) Nowadays I find most things can be shredded perfectly well and more quickly by driving an old petrol rotary mower over them!

27 Jun, 2009


The trick is too feed small amounts in and if the materila is sappy and woody, then mix the stems together and feed in- let it take it by itself. Forcing it clogs it as does to much sappy stuff together

27 Jun, 2009


There are some plants that have resin in the leaves, such as conifers and escallonia, which I find clog up my shredder so they go in my garden waste recycling bin for the council to deal with

27 Jun, 2009

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