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Hi,We have recently moved, and will be having a 'new' look landscaped in the small garden at the back of the house. At the front there is only pebbles and decorative stones etc. The neighbour tells me it is difficult to get anything to grow.It is only a very small area, and is also very sunny and dry.
Are there plants I could grow in pots? or plant into the stones etc. that would cope? thks. Di Giblin



The trouble with growing in pots, especially in a hot and sunny area, is the amount of watering you'll need to do - certainly daily during hot spells in summer, if not twice a day.
Intriguing that the neighbour says its 'difficult to get anything to grow'. That could mean anything from the previous owners not ensuring plants were watered after planting, or that the choices they made were not the best for the conditions. Best type of planting for a sunny, dry spot is the 'mediterranean' style, meaning things like lavenders, herbs such as Oregano, Thyme, along with Helianthemums, Cistus, Santolina, Senecio and plants such as Phormium cookanium varieties, Yucca flaccida 'golden sword' and Cordyline (although the latter, if the area is very exposed, might die in a bad winter). Careful choice should be made if the area is tiny, taking into account projected height/spread of plants.

16 Sep, 2012


Hi Bamboo, thanks for your reply. I shall have to look up the plants you mentioned (being a novice gardener somewhat!)mediterrainian sounds very interesting..... might also ask my new neighbour about 'failures' etc.
Am going to mull it over during the winter, gather ideas and plant in the spring, with any luck. thks. again. regards Di

16 Sep, 2012


Google is very useful, or can be, for looking up plants - which is why I gave you the proper names;-))

16 Sep, 2012

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