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cycas revoluta/pachipodium

orkney, United Kingdom Gb

got these as a gift can you help thankyou



Care tips
Position: Full sun.
Water: Water sparingly when almost dry. Do not overwater. Water less during winter, only make sure the root ball does not dry out.

Hardiness: Mature plants are frost hardy but protect from severe frost and cold drying winds. Bring indoors or into a conservatory during winter if not in a mild sheltered area.

Pruning: No pruning needed.
Soil: Well-drained. Fertile. Loam-based, sandy soil. The Cycas revoluta has a sensitive root system so be very careful when repotting.

Fertilisers: Feed sparingly with fertiliser during growing season. There is no need for fertiliser during the winter period.

Also when it produces the new leave, apparently you shuouldnt touch them untill they are fully grown, apparently it can damage them, Also if they are by a window, the new leaves will gorw towards light and the plant will be lop sided until new shoots grow.
They are a very slow growing plants too

27 Jun, 2009

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