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Friend or foe?


By Mijas09

Essex, United Kingdom Gb

Having moved house a couple of years ago we inherited this shrub? that in mid- May is covered in cobwebs which then produces thousands of caterpillers who devour all the young shoots. Would like some help to solve this problem please many thanks. I live in the Southend-on-Sea area




Major foe!
Kew gardens had them once and they had them specially removed as the hairs can get stuck in your skin and cause massive irritations!!

They can also be burnt off! althought this may risk setting fire to the garden!
Not sure how to remove them- perhaps speak to council who may have a pest team! Keep animals away too!

27 Jun, 2009


Thank you Nicky08

They only appear to attack this one shrub so perhaps I shall remove the whole thing before next spring.

27 Jun, 2009


They do tend to prefer certain species. May be best to remove it carefully now and destroy ht whole plant inc the caterpillars, or else they'll just reproduce next year and spread even further

27 Jun, 2009

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