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Should dormant cyclamen be kept moist (watered) in summer, or left to become completely bone dry?

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This photo may not be very inspiring to look at, because the tubers (correct word?) are below the surface and all the leaves are vanished. It is either 'Coum' or 'Hederifolium' and I can't remember which. If they dry totally, as they might in this weather, will it harm them? Help please, wise sages of gardening.




they are corms actually but it doesnt matter. i leave mine alone in the soil under the beech tree. so they are very dry when it doesnt rain and then they get wet when it does. i'd leave them in their pots out of the way open to the elements. if you are planning to grow them in the open soil plant them in their final flowering positions.
the only problems i have is the blinking squirrels that enjoy digging around.

27 Jun, 2009


Thanks Seaburngirl. So the answer then is to leave Cyclamen to nature entirely. My garden is not a lot more than a patio area with pots, so I have no open ground to put them into. They have to stay in pots, which are dry indeed until it rains. Which reminds me ... when did it last rain??

27 Jun, 2009

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