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Lime in compost


By Keene

United Kingdom Gb

I purchased several bags of compost and dug some into my pots and borders, before noticing that ir contained LIME. My pots & borders are not very successful, in fact they look downright tired. Could this be the lime content? HELP!!!



only if you are growing pants that like acidic soils. the lime helps break up clay so in some soils it is essential. all the cabbage family like a slightly alkailine soil so the lime will be good here too.
welcome to GoY too.

27 Jun, 2009


Unless you deliberately want to grow ericacious plants i.e. lime haters, your soil NEEDS a proportion of lime. That could be your problem. You need to get a soil test kit, they're quite cheap. You may be trying to grow plants that need alkaline conditions, in an acid soil.

27 Jun, 2009

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