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Do you like my outlook? problem with squirrels though!

Glasgow, United Kingdom Gb

Just thought I'd post a beautiful outlook from my flat. I think its gorgeous. I've got loads of birds coming to feed now but got a problem with the squirrels. Its got to the point where I was actually out putting up new feeders tying them up with wire, mumbling to myself like Clint Eastwood in Gran Taurino, saying to myself well come on then try and get this suckers! And they did. They have actually managed to bite through the wire and have taken the entire feeder away! I can't believe it! Any suggestions? Oh and i'm just about to post pics of all my hard work hope you like it. Liz.




Have a look at
This type work for me.

28 Jun, 2009


And yes Penny, you do have a beautiful outlook. That looks gorgeous!

29 Jun, 2009

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