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Orchid pot plant not flowering

Glasgow, United Kingdom Gb

I have had my orchid for 2.5 years and it used to flower regularly. It is still growing, it now has 6 large leaves but nothing on the main tall stem? Is there anything I should be doing to promote flowering. Confession started to grow shoots at one point about 6 months ago and I tied it to a support (too tight and it killed that particular bit that was growing - it dropped off). The plant has strong sentimental value so I would like to try and revive it.



If you havn't done it so far try feeding the plant with a specialist orchid feed that promotes flowers. It is probably a ' moth orchid'. The feed I use is a liquid and lasts a a long time. Use rainwater if you can. The feed is called orchid bloom formula. Cut off spent flower stalks if they go red. Leave stalks that stay their usual colour, as they may form more buds. My orchids are on the kitchen window ledge, and are usually in bloom. The new stalks are very tender. Best to leave them alone until they lose their green colour and get toughened up a bit.

28 Jun, 2009

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