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Name that Dianthus.....

essex, England Eng

I do know this is a Dianthus, but i can't find any reference to variety in any of my books...i know there are millions of them so this is proberly a long shot...but do any of you reconise it.... it is compact, only approx 6-8" high, neat grass like clump of green/grey leaves,,,, but the flowers are huge, although on short stems, they measure approx 2" across, single blooms and as you can see each one is completely different. they do have a faint scent, but not very strong.... any and all ideas welcome..




is it an annual or perennial one?
also did you get it from a garden centre or mail order?
often i look through plant catalogues to find missing names.
do the flowers change colour as they age?
i have the 'parfit' series which are annuals ish. and the ice sreies that are perennials.
sorry not much help just even more q to help track it down.

28 Jun, 2009


I agree, it looks like the short lived types that are sometimes sold as pot bedding. You may get another season from it but I would just enjoy what you have now just in case. :-)

28 Jun, 2009


Not sure if it is annual or perennial, it was from a flower shop...hense no lable... i work in one so i know how bad they are for labelling things lol, so chances are it's an import proberly from Holland, and i think the flowers are just different not necessarly changing with age, because some are complete oposits of others, so i don't think that is it... it was only 75p and quite a nice size so would imagine it is annual, would it be possible to re-grow from cutting or seed do you think?

29 Jun, 2009


Seed may well be the only option though it may be worth trying any none flowering shoots if there are any. The only thing is that by letting old heads run to seed, you will possibly forgo the production of new flower heads.

29 Jun, 2009


i may just give it a try at the end of the season, and see what happens Fractal, let you know, thanks x

2 Jul, 2009

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