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Rust on a young olive tree

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A year ago we purchased an olive sapling and it has started to develope rust spots, should we be concerned and if so what action, if any should we take. It is in a pot against a west, slightly north, facing wall. It is 3 feet (90 cm) tall and seems healthy in every other respect. It seems I am only permitted to attach one photo so I am attaching one that indicates the problem, should you require one that shows the plant in situ please let me know.

Many thanks

Paul Vodden

Question Update:

the marks do not appear on the underside of the leaves and appear as indentations on the upper surface. I have checked for insects that might be causing damage and cannot find any. The plant is outside ie not in a greenhouse or conservatory. I am pretty sure it is not being overwatered and it is in a pot that is drained.




Spray with a fungicide for rust, just make sure it doesn't say on the bottle that you can't use it on this plant.

28 Jun, 2009


I've not really heard of rust on Olives before and am just wondering if it's perhaps something else? It could be insect damage from earlier in the season that has left the brown marks or if it is under glass (you don't say) it could be a condition where cell proliferation causes small brown corky spots on the leaves. This is caused partly by over watering and too high a humidity (under glass). Let me know. Shame you don't have or are not able to post another close up.

28 Jun, 2009

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