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using weedkiller


By Judd

south yorks, United Kingdom Gb

hi, its the grassgrower again..
i have a pebble border around my patio, and grass and weeds are continually growing through. done the pulling up by hand bit -- now i want the easy way. i do have a dog. can anyone recommend a safe weedkiller please



Only thing that will work efficiently on that is a Path weedkiller, like Pathclear or similar, but you will have to keep the dog off until its dry. Hope the dog is not in the habit of picking up the stones in his mouth, though.
The other thing you could do is take up the pebbles (if they're loose laid) and put a weed suppressing membrane on the soil beneath, then replace the pebbles. That'll work until enough soil blows into the pebbles to allow weed seedlings to germinate.

28 Jun, 2009

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