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Why isn't my Rhus Typhina's leaves growing

Fife, Scotland, United Kingdom Gb

We have a Rhus Typhna tree - planted 6 yrs ago - it has grown well over the years and also had lovely foliage. However, this year the leaves are very small, they have only grown from the branch stem - a stunted growth effect. We haven't done anything different this year and everything else is growing well around it. Can you help? Many Thanks Denise

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Has the drainage changed in the area? If the soil gets to wet, the roots can rot and any new growth would certainly exhibit what you describe.

28 Jun, 2009


Thanks for your response. The drainage hasn't changed. We had to put drainage in before we could plant anything - 6/7 yrs ago. The tree has been really good since then only this year is the problem. If, as you say, the soil has been too wet and the roots affected - is the tree lost or can if revive next year if we look at the ensuring the soil isn't too wet.

Thanks Denise

28 Jun, 2009

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