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broccoli in containers


By Mobee

Armagh Ireland, Ireland Ie

hi all just wanted to no cud i grow Broccli in large container i buy and use a lot of it would love to grow my own but space is limited and when wud i plant it !!! thanks



Can't see any reason why not, I have grown potatoes in a dustbin, as long as you use plenty of compost as they are hungry plants, when I say compost I mean out of the compost heap well rotted down, and add a handful chicken pellets and some blood fish and bone, and keep well watered, you can get one that is supposed to be perrenial, but never tried it.

28 Jun, 2009


hi Tonyb thanks for info i will be planting them this wk only problem i haven`t started a compost bin yet but will try an get some from friends !!!!many thanks

29 Jun, 2009


The word 'broccoli' is always confusing as some people mean sprouting broccoli and some winter or summer cauliflower. The perennial broccoli referred to is a white sprouting broccoli and in my experience isn't worth bothering with (after the first year). None of these will do well in a container as they all grow over a long period of time and make a really extensive root system. I think you'd do better to grow something like calabrese or the mini cauliflowers as these grow more quickly and with lots of water would produce good flowerheads.

29 Jun, 2009


thanks for that info Bertie will maybe try mini cauliflowers and find room in ground for something else.Might try Tony`s method of potatoes!!!!

29 Jun, 2009

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