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when to prune birch

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last year I planted 3 himalayan birch trees (Snowqueen) 6 feet apart with the idea of their knitting into a canopy which I could keep low. The trees are approx 7' at present & I want the finished height after 10 years to be about 18 - 20. The question is how & when shall I start this pruning process?



Hi! Mc,
Not too sure about the how, but the when is crucial. If any birch is pruned at the wrong time of the year, it will literally bleed to death. This is not a myth, I've seen it happen. Birches must be pruned during the winter months i.e. end of October- February. I'm having my Silver Birch topped out this winter, a couple of large wayward branches removed, and the crown raised, but I'm going to get a qualified tree surgeon to do it. I think it will be worth it, to preserve a beautiful tree that I grew from seed.

28 Jun, 2009

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