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Lavender is not flowering and spinky


By Mje

Cheadle Hulme Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

Why is my Lavender not flowering just long thing stems and a very small flower last year was great plane see pic




Is it in a shady spot - lavender can do this if its not in enough sun, likes a lot. Alternatively, it's the variety - I planted 6 lavenders 4 years ago (supposed to be Munstead Dwarf) and they turned out not to be - they have exceptionally long flower stems and collapse all over surrounding plants, with flowers on the ends. They'll be coming out this autumn!

28 Jun, 2009


Thnaks Bamboo I bought it 3 or 4 years ago as a very small plany and it's been great . Yes it is ina shady spot been ok up to now I may split it up and put it else where eg base of compst bin which is South Faceing Any particular time to divide this ? Can I do it now ?
regards M

28 Jun, 2009


I have some lavender growing in full sun in a rock garden near my curb and it likes a LOT of water! First order of business is to establish how that area drains. Run this test: Dig a hole aprox 1 cubic ft deep and use a shower head sprinkler to fill the hole with water.
You want to see the water soak in at a rate of about 1 inch per hour.
If the soil does not drain well, add some expanded shale @ 20lbs per 1000 sq ft.
The expanded shale absorbs water because of it's surface area and provides the plants with "stored water" during dry times.
I have been experimenting with the expanded shale on some organically grown corn plants and they look great!

29 Jun, 2009


Hi Mje.

Don't divide your Lavender, they are woody based shrubs and you will kill it!

I agree with Bamboo in that it does need re planting in full sun. In August, prune the stems back to where the leaves are denser and this will also help it stay compact.

29 Jun, 2009


anks yohelp people... informative replies :>0 So ow do you get cuttings if you don't split them up Fractal? Re Sun if they are in the shady place how did they do so well in the past ? But point taken..:>)

29 Jun, 2009


Taking cuttings and dividing a plant are two quite different things Mje.

You can certainly take cuttings of lavender, preferably of none flowering shoots from this seasons growth. Do this in August and take the stems 3-4 ins in length. Remove the lower two sets of leaves and place around the edge of a clay pot in gritty seed compost (extra grit added 50/50 mix ideal) and cover with translucent polythene bag with elastic band around it. Place in good light outside but not in full sun and they should root after 4-6 weeks.

ps they seem to root better when milky translucent polythene is used rather than clear. The reason is still not quite understood. One other point, the compost/grit mix should be just moist, not sopping wet or bone dry either. Check at least once a week to make sure they are not too dry as the clay pot will release moisture but also allows them to breath because it is porous. It's probably best to plunge them in a bowl of water for a few seconds to re moisten them than watering from above.

29 Jun, 2009


Fantastic detailed information Fractal Thanks a lot I'll try in a few months
regards M.

29 Jun, 2009

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