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Why are many plants suddenly dying in my garden?

We have had our garden for 54 years and over the past 6 years a number of plants have suddenly died -often just before they are about to flower and almost over night as though they had gone into shockThis has included an apple tree aged 50, lavender bush aged 14yrs, rambling rose 7yrs, rambling rose 45 yrs, pear tree 50 yrs, azelia 40 years. Would be grateful for any advice - I understand the fruit trees just might be as old as they can get....But it seems weird that they dont die a bit at a time but practicalyy overnight,
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Sounds like something in your soil chemistry has changed and upset the biological balance in the soil for some reason.

Hit this website and do a little research:
Howard Garret is the absolute gardening guru and you could call his radio show with a question! I call the show all the time and he always has great advice!
866-444-3478 8:00am-11.00am Sundays CST

28 Jun, 2009


The answer could be drought, your water table has dropped. We are very low on rainfall here in the south. Water and mulch.

29 Jun, 2009


id guess doctor bob is right and being very established plants they drink a lot but that number is a great idea i think.

29 Jun, 2009


welcome to GoY.
It could also be due to fungal infection. all the plants listed are susceptible to Honey fungus, so you need to check for it. If you remove the bark from one of the dead ones does it have a mushroomy smell or a layer of white 'tissue'. you sometimes get black 'bootlace' type structures in the soil as well as the typical honey coloured toadstools.
did they all perform well the year before their death? this is also an indication of honey fungus.
the rhs has a good site with lots of usefull advice. i had this problem.

29 Jun, 2009

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