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I've been given a courgette plant and its flowering.
As I've never grown these I'm not sure what to do with it, can anyone help.
Thankyou Katie.



Courgettes will produce two types of flower, a male one with no embryo 'fruit' just below the flower, and the female one with the tiny courgette beginning to form. You should simply be able to leave the plant to produce the fruit. If you can bear to do it, remove the first couple of tiny courgettes to allow the plant to build up enough strength and size to really get going. If not, remove then when they are just big enough to eat rather than letting them become large. If the plant makes large courgettes while still tiny it won't grow properly.
Courgettes like a nice rich soil and will benefit from feeding with a good liquid feed or manure. Apart from that courgettes are dead easy but may take a while to get going properly. The one thing NOT to do is to leave the courgettes to grow to marrow size because it will then think it's done it's job and stop producing any more.
As for cooking, we find that brazed in a closed pan with chopped garlic makes for really delicious courgette!

29 Jun, 2009

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