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why are some of the stems on yew trees dying?


By Lizzie1

United Kingdom Gb

i have planted 140 yew bushes. they were 5 year old plants and they went in 18 months ago and i have subsequently lost 5. we live in a bedfordshire village.

however now some are getting brown leaves, some have a slightly yellowish hue, some have stems from the ground that have died on plants which look otherwise healthy.strangely some are doing very well and they have all put on growth. the ones in dark places under trees are doing better. the worst affected are along the road where an old hedge of mainly snowberry had been removed and new soil has been added. these are the plants that would be most exposed to wind.

should i feed them? should i water them a lot? should i remove the brown stems and leaves? have they got some disease and if so should i treat them with something?

could it be that i over watered them at the start, or that there was something wrong with the new soil, or that the cold winter caused them to suffer.?0

how to i save them?



it sounds more of a drought problem.though the soil could be partly to blame.

29 Jun, 2009


Drought I'd say, they need a lot more water than they've been getting, particularly those in exposed spots where the wind also dries out the soil.

29 Jun, 2009

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