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Courgette question


By Elleme

Greater London, England Eng

I'm growing Courgette Di Nizza in large pots (I know they would probably be better off in the ground, but I've no space anywhere except in the GH). They have been producing really well. The only problem is that the occasional fruit starts off fine then goes a bit shrunken and woolly-tasting. It happens if I leave them on the plant rather than picking them fairly quickly. As a result I'm picking them promptly when they reach golf ball size, but I thought this variety could grow to tennis ball size. I'm getting enough baby courgettes for my needs anyway but I wonder why this is happening. I'm watering very regularly.



As you say, they'd be better off in the ground if you have space. Despite your regular watering I'd guess they aren't getting enough. In the future, would you have space to put a much larger pot or a Versailles tub can be made very cheaply out of decking timbers, lined with plastic. For this year, why not try trickle irrigation by taking a large plastic bottle full of water and making a few pin holes through the bottom so the water drips slowly through.

29 Jun, 2009


don't forget to feed your courgettes once a week , this will help. a liquid feed , same as for tomatoes .

29 Jun, 2009


Thanks Bertiefox and Steve. I am feeding them once a week same time as my toms, I forgot to mention that. The bottle irrigation sounds well worth trying - I'll give it a go.

30 Jun, 2009

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