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srawberries and tomatoes


By Dwarf

west yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

i recently got 2 tomatoe plants and 1 srawberry pland , could you give me any ideas on how to bring them on please

On plant dwarf



Hi Dwarf.

Both easy plants to grow anyway so no pressure!

The tomatoes should ideally be planted in a pot about 8-10" diameter and be grown in good light. Do you know if they are bushy types or the type that you train up a cane etc? Whichever, water thoroughly at least every other day or every day if they dry off on the top of the compost. Liquid feed once a week (twice a week if you get lots of fruit!) with a suitable high potash tomato fertiliser (plenty out there to choose from) once the first truss of fruits start to develop and site the plant either in sheltered sunny part of garden, or in a greenhouse, conservatory or porch.

The strawberry is a hardy plant and can either go in a border or in a pot. This doesn't like it's roots hot so don't cook it in full sun if in a pot. You can plant it in full sun if you put in the ground though. Watering can be a little more tricky in a pot as they are slow to root out so just be careful leaving dry off gaps between thorough soakings. Liquid feed once a week when fruits start.

Hope this helps.

30 Jun, 2009

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